An Aquasana Review

Using the dwindling quality of our water system, many resorted to water filtering installed in their houses. Despite all the hypes and hullaballoo on these systems, the question is, do these water filtering walk their talk? There are many water filtering out in the market and believe me, after having been a “water filtering” enthusiast i am, I’ve tried several and practically spent a substantial amount of money for this!

The best, water filtering that I have tried is Aquasana. From cost effectiveness to walking their talk, Aquasana tops my list. Here are some of advantages Aquasana boasts by using their filtering:

1. Tested by the California Department of Health for water contaminant claims.
2. Tested and Certified by an independent non-profit water quality certifying body, NSF International and ANSI
3. Tested under more rigorous real-life conditions with the addition of challenged chemicals to regular chlorinated water
4. Uses dual filtration system
5. Less expensive than most water filtration system
6. Easy installation and maintenance
7. Excellent tech support team
8. Lifetime warranty

Based on the above, and as a finish user, of course I must check whether the claims they state are true. Below are the huge benefits I get from my Aquasana water filter:

Economical – Most customers and homemakers would want something that would bring their money’s worth. I am a living proof that Aquasana gives you that edge. I have been using it going back two years and it truly is economical. Unlike what I initially thought, having two filters would end up being more costly. However, with Aquasana, the key filter is replaced every 3 years as the 2nd one, just like every other filter is replaced on a quarterly basis. But because Aquasana filters are one of the least expensive on the market, in the end, you would practically spend lesser than expected.

Safe – I have used a lot of water filter system but none offers the dual filtering that Aquasana uses. Using the dual filtering, practically all contaminants are addressed. I likewise have researched the type of filters Aquasana uses. In NLF’s article entitled “Guide to Water Filters,” they enumerated several types of water filters being employed by different manufacturers. Also contained in the article will be the filters used by Aquasana and exactly how, through the combo of those filters, these are impressive for entire home systems and can also interact to give the needed protection for contaminants not ordinarily looked after by ordinary or single filters.

Easy installation, easy maintenance – I assume, everybody would want a water filter system that is not hard to set up and easy to maintain. Although Aquasana shows that a professional plumber install one’s body to ensure safe and quality installation, in addition they provide a do it yourself instruction where you can set it up easily.

Excellent customer service – Since I’ve tried many water filter system, and it is but natural that gizmos such as this needs further explanation, Aquasana boasts of the greatest customer service there is. 24/7.

Lifetime guarantee – And what sets Aquasana aside from all the others of water filter systems? Their lifetime warranty. No water filtering can boast of giving their customers an eternity guarantee except Aquasana! That’s how confident they are simply using their product.

I don’t know of every other water filter system that would make me switch from what I am using right now. I cannot risk the fitness of my loved ones. With all the current benefits I get from Aquasana, I sure is a lifetime customer.